Waitlists. Cancellations. No-Shows

Waitlists are a great feature for busy businesses. They allow us to keep our sessions full even when a few CaveFitter’s have cancelled. Sessions with waitlists allow CaveFitter’s to potentially reserve a spot in a full class. In the event that another CaveFitter with an existing reservation gives up their spot in the class, the first person on the waitlist is added to the class. Please do not “no-show” for your booked sessions. Cancelling with good notice is most conveniently done via the CaveFit App, even if it’s just 60 minutes notice. Not doing this leaves our sessions with spaces available and CaveFitter’s still sitting on waitlist’s… Not training… Not cool!

Please note the block booking validations on services

1 session expires 1 week after the date of purchase
4 sessions expire 4 weeks after the date of purchase
8 sessions expire 8 weeks after the date of purchase