Benefits of CaveFit Gym in Edinburgh 5

By 29th September 2015 February 11th, 2017 Benefits of Cave-Fit Gym in Edinburgh, CaveFit Edinburgh

The Unspoken Benefits of CaveFit #5 Gym in Edinburgh

Move With Ease

Body awareness, or being able to recruit the proper muscles in the right sequence, is key for moving in a way that is both efficient and safe in daily life. When you get out of your car, there’s a pattern in which your muscles are recruited that is correct; you activate your midsection, rotate your trunk, bring your leg out of the car, fire your hamstrings then glutes, then stand up.” Doing a squat in the gym helps you to learn how to perform those movements correctly rather than doing what most people do, which is to put the pressure into their toes and the quads with no core stability at all.