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The invaluable skills and lessons I learned while serving 8 years as a Royal Marines Commando gave me the essential qualities and attributes to launch CaveFit in March 2015. My vision was to bring sports conditioning workouts to the mainstream and to help individuals improve their mental and physical health, becoming better overall athletes and people. My team vision was to coach towards higher levels of personal and professional achievements, focusing on the minor details and the CaveFit Standard of Performance. It is my on going goal to connect our members, team and community into being the strongest and most functional, supportive gym environment possible. With the correct communication, expectations, expertise, beliefs, values and philosophy the CaveFitter member base will grow through us all, the quality of our services will increase, goals will be achieved, winners win be produced and enjoyment will be had.
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Training and Nutrition has always been a passion of mine. From a young age I spent hours reading, watching and learning all aspects of health and fitness. In 2014 I decided to put all my efforts into coaching within the fitness industry. I became a level 3 personal trainer and have worked with a huge variety of clients since. I have spent time under the guidance of some of the UK’s top coaches and now specialise in the following areas; Resistance based training, Full body conditioning centred around function for sport, body sculpting and body composition focused nutrition. I love to bring a huge amount of energy, enjoyment and education to every session. Let’s train!
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After being a CaveFitter for some time I was happy to join the team at CaveFit Edinburgh in January 2016. The environment and principles at The Cave mould perfectly within my own strong beliefs of demanding training, education of the ‘big lifts’ and the practises of leadership. Having already gained over 7 years experience working in the fitness industry as a Advanced Personal Trainer, it is my constant passion for health & fitness which continues to drive me. My start in coaching was originally developed from being a professional & semi-professional footballer, the journey into coaching followed those years where coaching became a natural progression for me. I really enjoy the experience in coaching, especially the wide range of PT clients, from Premiership footballer’s to complete fitness beginners. I also continue to assist with local amateur’s Spartans FC, coaching the strength and conditioning programme to all levels at the club.
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I would say I have a mixed approach when training clients. By that I mean I take into consideration who you are, your training preferences and your lifestyle to make your sessions fit around you. For you it could be completely different to another person. Still, I stick to training principles so you get the most out of a session. Think of it like making the perfect bowl of oats (another passion of mine!), lots of different ways to do it and different ingredients to add but you’ve always got to have the oats as a base. Just as there are different training and nutrition approaches to get results, I want to find one that best suits you. That could be higher intensity strength and conditioning to lower impact movement focussed sessions. Bottom line, I’m here for us to work as a team on discovering what will work best for you and help you put that into practice. You can expect professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness and some questionable banter from me. So, if you want to tone up, lose some weight or get a one way ticket to Gainzville, let’s get you started!
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In 2016 I started my journey as a Personal Trainer. That year I gained my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification which then lead me into my coaching career with CaveFit Edinburgh. The Cave allows me to practise high intensity, functional and strength based training with my clients. My vision is to actively support people towards sustainable and healthy lifestyles by providing up-to-date knowledge and guidance to clients and CaveFiitter’s through habit coaching, goal setting and personalised training programs to ensure long-lasting results and most importantly confidence in how you look, feel and train. I am also a qualified TRX suspension training coach which facilitates improvements in stability, flexibility and core activation to assist injury recovery, mobility and strength. Early 2018 I progressed my coaching abilities by completing a Level 2 Weight Lifting course which now allows me me to better execute and coach the Olympic lifts to clients and members. Progression and visible results become addictive and the process of improving will never be boring in the energetic CaveFit environment which is so versatile and accommodating of all fitness levels. I hope to help everyone on their health and fitness journeys at CaveFit.
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As a martial artist that has competed on an international level I understand the dedication and time it takes to reach your potential. My passion for fitness began from the age of 9 when I began my journey into the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, over the next 14 years I have competed all over the world and trained hundreds for men, women and children helping them achieve their goals. Now as a qualified level 3 personal trainer and Hatton boxing coach I am excited take my experiences and translate them into long lasting sustainable results. Along with my sporting accolades I am also a studying sports therapist which means I understand that my clients fitness journey doesn’t stop in the gym, with a wealth of knowledge about Human Anatomy, rehabilitation and sports therapy I can help each of my clients not only in the gym but also to achieve a better quality of life. The cave is a perfect environment as similar to the martial arts gyms I grew up in it is about working hard, working together and working out!

My vision is to continue to build my experiences and knowledge to where I am known as the best in my field and an example to others at what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

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Sport, health and fitness has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends, travel the world and gain memories that I will never forget. This was the main reason I became a coach, so I can help give back to an industry that has given me so much. A year after leaving school I gained my level 3 personal training qualification. Since then I have helped a multiple number of clients achieve their goals. Weather your reason for training is composition or performance based we can achieve it together. Training with me involves detailed training plans designed to your needs accompanied with nutritional guidance to get you the best possible results. Weather your looking to gain a bit of muscle, lose some fat or just feel healthier… Let’s do it together.
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My passion for the fitness industry came from my experience in the team community of rugby. Going through strength and conditioning since the age of 16 I was always eager to soak up any knowledge that interested me. Sharing this knowledge with friends and family was my first taste of how beneficial factional truths from the fitness industry can be. Setting them up with the basic short then long term goals and seeing them succeed was an amazing feeling. When I knew I could make a career from helping people achieve their goals and better their lives I knew I wouldn’t work another day in my life. I love to be challenged and this line of work continues to do that and peak my interests. I look to bring a passion for learning, being the best I can be athlete or person and helping others achieve exactly that. With that I’ll bring a laid back, joyous look on life aiming to make every person I meet smile and laugh. Guilty of being an absolute nerd for Star Wars, marvel, lord of the rings and game of thrones. Completely terrified of clowns and squids.
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