As cliché as it sounds CaveFit really has changed my life. I first started going last year when I didn’t have much direction with my training and needed to challenge myself more. Pete and the team made me feel so welcome and although at first it was out of my comfort zone I was immediately made to feel so comfortable and apart of the CaveFit community.


What a breath of fresh air! Just been at this two weeks and already hooked. Great combo of strength and endurance - fat burn and toning tastic with 35 interesting stations from simple Burpees to rope climb, dead lifts, box jumps, rowing, weighted vest runs and many more.


If you are serious about getting into shape cavefit is the place to be. Goals will be smashed with the help of the professional instructors in a top class facility that no other gym can offer. I myself started at the cave in late October and have lost 12kg in 10 weeks!!!! As a previous fitness shy individual I cannot recommend the cave enough.


I’ve been attending CaveFit for a few months now & can’t get enough! Full body conditioning, building strength & torching fat, love it!
The coaches are knowledgeable, full of encouragement & clearly passionate in their roles.
The atmosphere in the sessions is great & they’re structured in a way it’s easy to mark your progress.


The Cave is raw, gritty and gets results. Being focussed and pushing yourself around other motivated people is exactly what works for me. Having the support of a trained coach keeping you on track removes any worries or distractions about technique whilst driving you to achieve more!!


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